Meet Karens new coach, Frank Engel


From 1 of February Frank Engel will be the coach of Karen. He is 30 years old and one of the trainers at Cross-fit Saar  One of Franks special fields is reha-sport, rehabilitation sports therapy, this fits perfect with Karens challenges when training and competing. He is furthermore highly educated with a master in sports, several certifications in several different fields and Frank is always looking foreward to new challenges.

Frank will like the rest of the team at Cross-fit Saar develop Karen into an even more versatile and complete athlete.
Gerrit Sittler, the owner and head coach at Cross-fit Saar was thrilled to not only let Karen train at the box, he wanted to sponsor her as well. When Gerrit assigned Frank as Karens coach it is also the thought that they will work closely together to develop a cross-fit program specially tailored to adaptive athletes of all kind. This is as far as we know the very first time this will be done in Germany.



Franks motto: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone: No pain -No gain”

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