Bodø, Norway

8 September 2018

It was an honour for Team Alpha-1 Athlete to host the Worlds Strongest Disabled Man 2018.

We would like to thank

  • all our sponsors for making it possible to provide the venue, transportation, food and goodie bags for the athletes
  • the referees for
  • special guest Zydrunas Savickas for coming to our show, to step in as an extra referee, to do not 1, but 2 log lifts for the audience, and for handing out the medals and certificates to all the athletes
  • special guest Dione Masters from Strongman Corporation for attending our show, and to also step in as an extra referee
  • our German crew, who proved themselves to be one of the best crews to ever work a strongman floor
  • and not at least all the athletes who came to compete


Karen and Torbjørn Skålvoll



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  • @1armpower (James Spurgin)

    Looking forward to this! Ill be seeing you all there.


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