Karen to the Arnold Classic


A couple of days ago Karen got an invite for the very first Arnold Classic Disabled Strongman Competition. For those not familiar with the Arnold Classic, this is an annual event in Columbus, Ohio, where 18.000 athletes will compete in 70 different sports. Many of them are olympic sports as well. The athletes are invited specially and individually to compete on one of the many stages at the Arnold Classic Sport festival, more than 1000 stands will show the latest equipment and more.

But this is all about strongman, the Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championship will take place as well as the first Arnold Classic Disabled Strongman Competition. The athletes will be coming from all over the world and have earned their places by having shown their ability and strength through World Strongest Disabled Man and Woman 2016 and other regional competitions.

In august 2016 Karen became the 2. strongest disabled woman in the world, she was one of the historic first women to ever compete at a world level in disabled strongman. To once again write history is both humbling and a great honor. Watching the sport you love grow is one of the most beautiful things to experience.

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6 thoughts on “Karen to the Arnold Classic

    • admin

      Thank you! It is amazing!

  • Hey Karen,
    You were awesome at the Arnold and you are a inspiration to me and all who are blessed to see You and all the athletes in this event.
    You are a bright light and we praying for you my friend.
    I am Blessed To Know You.
    Greg Stoutes CEO

    • Thank you Greg, it was very nice to have you backing me. Looking forward to the future collaboration.
      In love and strength

  • Please give me a call at 337-380-8265 or email me at so we can discuss how we can get behind you as a sponsor to support you.
    I also want to share some other amazing technologies that I have to enhance your lung capacity, (non chemical ion and frequency therapies!)
    You Inspire US!<3<3<3
    You are in our prayers

    • Will do, looking forward to our collaboration, Greg. Thank you for all the love.


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