Featured athlete: Malin Frøyen Bergset



We would like to present to you extreme adaptive athlete Malin Bergset from Norway. This woman is wonder woman herself!

With spinal bifida and tumor in the spinal canal she should not even be walking. Not only does Malin walk, she runs. For most people with her particular diagnosis most of what she does would be out of reach. But she has risen from barely being able to walk 20 meters to have finished more than 25 races!

Having had 25 surgeries and should by all medical standards been in a wheelchair, this warrior woman has for the past five years been training on her own. She is not free of pain, but she has found her own way of dealing with the pain by training and listening to her body. This way she has three full marathons under her belt, several half marathons and 10 km as well. There is simply no stopping Malin as she now is training  for even bigger goals. 

She tells us that some call her ability a medical miracle, but she calls it the power of will and of that she has a lot.
There are of course periods that are more painful than others, but with her routines, her self discipline and will power she will not let it get the better of her.

We can not wait to see where she is headed next.

More about Malin:  Facebook 



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