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Celebrate Life – Norway

On 26-27 April we completed two Celebrate Life events in Norway. One in the capitol Oslo, and the second one in Bergen on the west coast.

In Oslo we had a good turn-out of more than 20 people. Some last minute cancellations due to illness, unfortunately not uncommon in our world, but nevertheless a great success. Also, the date collided with a nordic alpha-1 meeting in Sweden, so some of those who have been with us for several years where not able to attend. Not how we wanted it, but with busy schedules this was the time when we could make it to Norway. Hopefully we’ll avoid this conflict next year.


After monitoring the weather forecast the week leading up to the event, we were lucky to have a nice afternoon, with a comfortable temperature and no rain. As usual, we all gathered outside the Nobel Peace Center. In addition to many familiar faces, we were really happy to also see new additions joining in. Fantastic!

The walk this year took the same route as last year, but this year done in reverse. That included a fairly steep incline early on. Fortunately it was short, and quite a few in the group needed a rest on the top to catch their breath again. But from there on in it was all flat or downhill, and enjoyable for all.

After the exercise we got our regular table at Peppe’s Pizza on Aker Brygge, where the food and service was excellent as it has been all previous years. Good atmosphere amongst a group of happy people.


Due to a strike within SAS, our initial plane from Oslo to Bergen was cancelled, but we had been lucky and managed to get booked into an early flight Saturday morning. So with all goodie-bags prepared the night before, we arrived in Bergen and to our airport hotel at about 11am. A quick check-in, and then we just pulled the bags etc needed for the event out from the suitcases, and headed towards the city center. With Bergen marathon also taking place this weekend the city would be crowded, and we were slightly worried for any delays. But we made it with time to spare, ready to welcome the participants.

As last year, Fløibanen – the famous fennicular in Bergen – sponsored us with a free trip up to the top, from where we walked down. The forecast had promised plenty of rain for us, but we were lucky and got only a drizzle. The real rain waited until we finished before setting in.

During this Celebrate Life we passed the number of 100 participants for Celebrate Life, a milestone for us. And by total accident, the lady who got number 100 happened to be the mother of the one who was number 1!

Another really fun thing this day was that we had a family with 4 generations participating. The two middle generations also took part in 2018, but this year also bringing the youngest and oldest generation with them as well.

The day in Bergen ended – as in 2018 – with a meal at Egon’s Restaurant just below the fennicular, where we also were joined by Bjørn Tore Kronen Taranger, Bergens WR holder for 24 hr running on a threadmill.

Team Alpha-1 Athlete would like to thank everyone that took part in the events, and our sponsors for making it possible for us to host these events.


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