Alpha Warriors

New hillclimb accomplished

Back in end of March we presented some Alpha Warriors who had done a hill-climb. Due to the Norwegian weather at the time, snow prevented them from scaling their original goal. They have now completed this challenge as well.

On 5 May they set out again. New joiners brought the total number to 16 participants, including 6 children with the youngest being only 4 years old.

The summit of Mistberget, the challenge of the day, has a elevation of 600m above sea level, and the starting point for the trip was at 200m asl. That leaves an elevation to be climbed of 400m, over a distance of 3.2 km. This gives an incline of 12.5%, which is pretty steep. People are hiking here all through the year, but being so steep it is not really doable on skies.

At start point, all new participants were given their themed Alpha Warriors t-shirt and some information about Alpha-1. On their way to the top they passed an old iron-ore mine called Lykkens grube (Mine of fortune). On the summit they had their lunch and some social time, and some would climb and old watchtower built in 1938 to spot fires. However, due to snow starting to fall, they had to make their way down again.

Normally this climb is done is done in 50 minutes. With Alpha-1 and accompanying respiratory problems, this group needed 2 hours. Anne, the lady behind the initiative, also used Nordic poles for support. These came useful in steep areas, and for resting on.

Plans for their next trip is already on the drawing board, with Skreikampen being the next challenge. If anyone local (or from far away) would like to take part, we are happy to put you in contact with the organizer.


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