Featured athlete: Carl Rothman



Presenting from Sweden, the third strongest disabled man in the world: Carl Rothman. He is the very first Scandinavian man to ever participate in the standing class in the Worlds Strongest Man competition. He is 33 years old and will be competing next at the Worlds Strongest Adaptive Man and Woman at Body Power, May 2017 in the UK.

Carl had his lower leg amputated due to a wakeboard accident in 2003, for the last ten years he has been lifting weights. Only ten months ago he started training for strongman, this viking also is a competitive powerlifter in Sweden. The only one as far as we know, Carl you are truly a game changer!

When Carl is not lifting heavy things and putting them down again he is interested in music and of course as a strength athlete he finds enjoyment in cooking. Furthermore he spends time with his friends. We sure are looking foreword to seeing where this strong man is headed next. Last year he pulled a nine tons truck for 20 meter and that after just a few months of strongman training.



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