Alpha Warriors

Reaching the summit

This year we have seen a fantastic initiative from one of the participants in Oslo the last couple of years. From wanting to concqeur a mountain and looking for some company, she ended up leading a group of 16 people up to one of the local peaks.

Anne Engebretsen joined us for the Oslo Marathon 3k in 2016 and 2017, followed on by Celebrate Life in Oslo in 2018. This year she has herself organised a trip up o the top of one of her local peaks a bit north of Oslo, Norway.

Joined by colleagues, customers and friends of various ages, some also with MS and other muscular disorders, they all set out with the common goal of reaching the summit.

The original plan was to climb a taller peak called Mistberget, but taking on challenges of this nature in a wintery Norway in March involves some risks, both on planning and execution sides. So in the end the required adjustments are done, and a fantastic trip and achievement goes down in the history books. But Anne has re-assured us that as soon as the snow has given up its grip, Mistberget with an elevation of 663 m asl is on the schedule.

On the summit, Anne could serve hot-dogs and treats provided by Prix Eidsvoll. We are sure this was really welcomed by the whole group.

When we heard about Anne making this trip, we approached Anne to see if she would like some Alpha Warrior t-shirts for the group. After all, having people starting their own trips with the aims that Alpha Warrior was created for, is exactly what we have dreamt of. A nice social day, some suitably challenging physical activity. A perfect day.

We congratulate Anne on organizing a great trip out, look forward to seeing what may be coming next…


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