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On 10-12 Sept Team Alpha-1 Athlete had the pleasure of attending the European Respiratory Society Congress in Milan, Italy. 

CSL Behring, one of our main sponsors, invited us to be part of their stand at this huge expo, where medical equipment is being shown to industry and potentially large customers. 

From our prominent position on the stand, we could spread our mantra about physical activity to people from all over the world. We met a lot of very interesting people, and had many interesting discussions. Being the only stand at the congress talking about sport and activity, assisted by a film showing images and video from what we do, we certainly caught the attention of passers-by. 

We also handed out step-counters provided by CSL Behring, asking people to donate their steps to our cause during the congress. Our aim was to reach a total of 2 million steps. By the final count we were well over 3 million, a great success. Thank you to everyone contributing to this. 
Karen also delivered two daily speeches at the  Philips stand, our other main sponsor, in addition to speaking during official dinners for both companies. 

A lot of work from morning until late, but well worth it when we get such a unique opportunity to talk about our work, both the Alpha Warriors movement and Team Alpha-1 Athlete. 


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