Doing our thing in new places 

Tomorrow, Saturday 23 Sep, Team Alpha-1 Athlete takes on a Spartan Beast in Liberec, Czech Republic.  This is our first race in this country. 

On this race we will be supported by Cliff Cunningham from Corn Fed Spartans and Kasey Meunier from Outside the Box Fitness, both from US. Furthermore we have with us Björn Bruckmann and Alexander Schmidt from Crossfit Saar as well as Johannes Sonntag, all from Germany. 

Following this, Sunday will be part of our Buzfecta project, and we will take on the Spartan Sprint race, featuring PF Warrior Buz Kuzan from Wilmington, NC, USA. This is his first race outside the US, and for the first time in Europe two athletes under oxygen therapy will take on a race together. 

If you are running any of these races and see us, give us a big “AROOO”.

A will write a post race weekend to sum up how these races have been towards the end of the weekend. 


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