Polish Spartan – check

Today we completed our first Spartan race in Poland. The Spartan Super race took place in the beautiful city of Gdansk, on the coastline of the Baltic sea. 

The terrain for this event was fairly flat, but that was well compensated by several kilometers of the track being on the sandy beaches. This was a real killer. Nevertheless, Karen set a new personal record by completing the course in under 5:30, an improvement of over 3 hours compared to earlier super races. An important factor in achieving this is the nutrition guidance from Jenny at Valkyrie Athletics, who has set up a plan that maintains the correct energy levels leading up to and throughout the race.

We would also like to express our thanks to Spartan Poland and all the staff and volunteers working so hard to put on this event. We have truly enjoyed the event and the racecourse. We would highly recommend it to any of our readers.

Also a great thank you to Alexander Schmidt from Cross-fit Saar, who was running for tye first time with us today. A young man who surpassed all our hopes. Alexander is a great asset to our team. We thank Gerrit Sitter and Cross-fit Saar for knowing just whom to pick for us.

Tomorrow we’ll be driving back home, a 1200 km drive in one day. A long trip for a race, but would we do it again? Oh yes!


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