Alpha Warriors

Meet Alphie

Meet our mascot Alphie.

Alphie was raffeled off by the UK alpha-1 support group on Facebook and our team decided to support them with a lot of tickets in the hope that we won this wonderful teddy. As you can tell we did win and Alphie will now fundraise by traveling the world to meet alphas.

On the Donation Alphie gofundme you can make your donations or use Donation Alphie paypal make sure to mark paypal donations “Alphie”. All donations that comes in will be in an account where alphas can apply to get funds for things they need to stay active. Like if you can’t afford a gym membership, apply and Team Alpha-1 Athlete may pay it for you. Maybe you need a bike or something else. Here you will be able to apply and maybe be lucky and get your wish.

To get Alphie to you:
1. Email to
2.Tell us why Alphie should come to you

Alphie has already been to Columbus Ohio at the Arnolds sports festival. As you can see Alphie made a new friend:
4 times the worlds strongest man,
Magnus ver Magnusson!


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