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Arnold Disabled Strongman 2018

Alphie and I had a great time at the second Arnold Disabled Strongman competition in Columbus Ohio. We even met some of the famous people there.

Just look at who Alphie ran into! Magnus Ver Magnusson, 4 times the Worlds Strongest Man, how sweet is that for the first time at the Arnolds for Alphie.

Saturday at noon I went on the stage with dumbell medley, far away from my best performance, but it is what it is in strongman and some times you just can not move the weights.

Sunday all of us Arnold Disabled Strongmen athletes had a long day competing. The crowd was supportive and we all witnessed some pretty badass performances. From Mark Smith, UK that tilted the char in the sandbag medley and still was able to recover both sack and chair to Sebastiana Lopez in the seated female class that smoked the stones. I placed 3rd overall in this fierce competition, not too bad considering that all other athletes have no problem breathing.

A big thank you to Cliff Cunningham from the Cornfed Spartans who was there to assist me for the first time at a strength competition. He has been doing OCR races with me since October 2016 and have many more plans for this year. Together with Bjorn Bruckman, Torbjørn Skålvoll and Magnus Ver Magnusson they made sure we all had a great competition. Ever so happy to get to compete on a floor that is being ran so well.


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