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It is time 

It is September, and for our movement Alpha Warriors that means Oslo Maraton. 
This year we have expanded yet again. Over 30 respiratory patients have signed up to do the 3 for all distance with us. For some of them, that is equal to a full marathon for healthy people. We are so proud of them, pushing themselves out of the comfort zone. 

Despite the attempts of Hurricane Irma, our friends from the US have made it over. The team, consisting of Buz Kuzan, Kasey Meunier and Cliff Cunningham arrived in Oslo yesterday. After Oslo they will come to Germany with us for a few days of rest, before we all go to Czech Republic next weekend for some Spartan racing. 

Also joining us this weekend we have Gonna Gutierrez from Alpha-1 Global. She will not only be joining us, but will be a keynote speaker for the Norwegian Alpha association, who has scheduled their AGM to coincide with the Oslo Maraton weekend. 

Our final international guests are Povl Heiberg Gad and his daughter Gry, joining us from Denmark. 

From Norway we also have several prominent guests joining our team. A big thank you to Christian Lawrey, Lars Zackariassen og Bjørn Tore Kronen Taranger. 

Between all of us we will this year be able to have Alpha Warriors on every distance; 3 km, 10 km, 21 km og 42 km. 

Finally we would like to thank our sponsors for this event; PHILIPS, Peppes Pizza, Rockdale, og TRST. Thanks to you we are able to make this event really good for all the fantastic people joining us this weekend. 


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