Featured athlete: Gary Clark

Meet Gary Clarke, whom after having competed in a disabled strongman competition in 2011, became Mr. disabled strongman himself by bringing the sports to the UK. He has since hosted the Britain’s strongest disabled man for several years. Gary tells us that the competition grows bigger every year ant that this years competition will have the biggest line up. New of this year is a female class that will go down in history.

Gary has cerebral palsy, when you meet this gentle strongman he will tear down any kind of misconception you have about what a person with cerebral palsy can and cannot do. Yes, he uses canes to walk, and yes, he can pull an 18 ton truck! But pulling trucks is not what makes him this passionate about the disabled strongman sport. It is to see the sport grow and to empower others that keeps him going.

Gary has competed not only in the UK, he has several times competed in the Iceland’s strongest disabled man and has also been to the USA to compete. His passion is inspired by Arnar Már Jònsson, the founder of The Worlds Strongest Disabled Man competition. Gary has several times been a competitor in the Worlds Strongest Disabled Man.

His epic 18 tonner pull

No limits, no excuses! That is is motto, not only as an athlete but also in life. His passion for the sport he loves is this year bringing him to the epic first Arnold Classic Disabled Strongman, Columbus, Ohio, march fifth. Be sure to stop by if you are anywhere near the event. He is also competing in the Iceland’s strongest disabled man this year. More than ever he is working to broaden the sport and make it grow. By his passion he is attracting more athletes to the sport and he is collaborating with several in the strongman community to make sure he will see his vision come through.




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