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Simple exercises that you can do anywhere

Lets face it, you have been diagnosed with chronic lung disease, your doctor have told you to start with exercise and you have most likely never set foot in a gym. Where does one start? Do we have to go “all in” to succeed? The answer is simply, start now, at home in your own living room if you like. No, going all in with at plan like a pro athlete will never be a good idea. You need to build it slowly. We will be making a series of different exercises so simple that you can almost to them anywhere, requiring so little equipment that you do not need to buy anything.

To simplify is always the key when starting up with any kind of exercise. It might seem hard to start and this is why i show this exercise when holding on to a chair. To simply lift your leg to the side, backwards or forewords you are activation neuropaths that might not have been working in a long time if you are just starting out with your exercise. The key is to keep your body straight, shoulders relaxed and neck in a neutral position. You should feel no strain in your body when doing this exercise.

We all know how to squat, whether it is to sit on a chair or to squat down to pick something up. What happens as we grow older is that our bodies are not as flexible as the children that will squat “ass to grass” like there is nothing to it. Many would say that to squat is to do so under a heavy barbell, I beg to differ. Probably the best of all exercises that will tone the entire body even when done without equipment.


Here simply shown against a chair. A perfect way to start your squatting experience if you are new to it, are rehabilitating or in a serious case of your lung disease. There is no rule as to how many you have to do, but rule of thumb: do a few more each time. This will make sure that your body will have to adapt to the new workload.

The same broomstick as above can be used to make overhead squats. They will challenge your entire body and will challenge your stability. Again it can be done towards a chair to start with. When you feel more secure, do it without the chair. As with all exercise it takes time to learn a new movement and patterns of movement, remember then that all you are challenging your body with will make it stronger.

As you can see from these three small exercises it does not have to be difficult, it does not have to use a lot of equipment. Easy is often the best one often say in my motherland. This is the fact with most exercise and training as well. I do hope you have had fun trying something new today with me.

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