Bjørgvin Styrkeløft Klubb

When Karen took up powerlifting in 2014 the question arose as to where to find a club to belong to in order to compete. As she has ties to Bergen in Norway where she spent most of her adult years, she decided to find a club there.

Bjørgvin Styrkeløft Klubb became her home club, she has a license to compete with the Norwegian federation. For this small club with raw competing lifters it was a first one to take on such an adaptive athlete. They have been supporting every effort Karen has made and has stood by her both in good times as well as bad times. The two past years she has not been able to compete as often as wanted in Norway, but this will change for 2017.

The club in Bergen, Bjørgvin SK, have both competent and experienced coaches, with experience from the Norwegian national team and with medals from international championships. There is also several Norwegian records that have been set of lifters and coaches from Bjørgin SK. They are all working closely together with the lifters to aid them towards their goals and the best possible results in competition. The club offers good training facilities and have an environment for athletes and recreational lifters to thrive in.

In Haukelandshallen, the local sports arena, they have the facilities for members to train and this is also where they hold both their local open club competitions and championships. The next championship is the Regional Championships for region West, this is a raw championships. Bjørgvin SK is a raw clue, meaning that their competitions are without equipment (bench shirts, squat suits and such). Their aim is to develop the raw powerlifting sports even further in Norway and international.

When Karen competes internationally she is always representing the club and Norway. She is the first competitive powerlifter in the world under oxygen therapy to our knowledge, with the support of Bjørgvin SK she is on her way towards her goal of being the first lifter in a national championship with her type of adaptation. The coaches and lifters of the club has supported her every step of the way.

The club has a high anti-doping focus and encourages all lifters to take the online course from the norwegian anti-doping agency. Fair play is highly regarded.

Regional championships are held in Haukelandshallen, Bergen, Norway, the weekend of 11-12 of February. Don’t forget to stop by to see some amazing raw lifting!

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