Featured athlete: Eline Øidvin



We are proud to present Eline Øidvin, she is a 40 year old runner from Norway. She is the mother of two girls and work as a physiotherapist.

The last five years she has been a runner. Not your average runner either, Eline is blind on her right eye and has 10% left of her sight on her left eye. This does not keep her from doing what she loves to do. In those five years she has 20! marathons and several half marathons both in her native country of Norway and abroad.

On her list of merits you will find NY marathon, Boston marathon, California International marathon, Copenhagen marathon, Berlin Marathon and many more. Eline has even taken on the Gran Canyon, just for fun she ran down and up the canyon again. She has gold from Norwegian championships for disabled athletes from 2013 and 2014, her personal best for full marathon is 3:33 and for half marathon 1:39, that tells you just how fast Eline is. When adding her personal record of 44:31 for 10 km it tells you just how good this versatile runner is.

When she is racing she always has a guide, a person that runs with her and gives her details about the course. Some times she also has a guide during training, but she will take on routes she knows well alone! Guides are not being paid, it is done by volunteers. The ones guiding Eline are runners that say that guiding her gives them the opportunity to help others whilst doing something they love. Without them, she says, I would not be able to to what i love.

This year the highlight will be Spitsbergen Marathon, Eline has with her guide Håkon Frahm Stokka, yes it is Alpha Warriors own Håkon, been chosen to be the profiles and promotors for the marathon. She tells us they both look forward to this. We will be back with news from the race in june.



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