Home, sweet home

There is no place like home, and it is really so I feel when coming to Bergen. Not only because it is the city where I have spent most of my adult years but also because this is where my hometown powerlifting club is located. To be back in the weightlifting room with the lads just feels like home, sweet home. Being a woman in an environment with so many men, it feels great to be treated equal and in this club one really is treated like equal. Even more importably all lifters are welcomed and there is room for those who compete and those that rather not compete.

My squat has improved in numbers, but I still have to trust my knee to always be deep enough This particular friday evening it meant that I did not PR, but at the same time I took something away from these three lifts. I am getting stronger and I do trust my knee a bit more for every single competition. From now until the nationals there will be squats and more squats to ensure that I am where I want to be by the end of april and that podium. The most rewarding is to see just how much I have put on in my squat over the past two years despite two knee suregeires I am on target. Of course getting three red lights is not a very good experience, but it also sharpens the mind. This is truly more mind over matter than anything else.

Benching has been  my achilles, my poverty bench is almost embarrassing to say the least. The truth of the matter is that when I started my powerlifting  journey I was dead afraid and uncomfortable with any weight on my chest. That is something that I have worked very hard on mentally and finally we see some improvement. To hit that 55 kg felt so good, a lift I have struggled with for some time. This also means that working on my weaknesses truly is paying off.

For the very first time I struggled to get my deadlift. First one I got two reds, a good old hitching when it hit my thighs. Second one got a bit further, but i never got my lockout and three reds! Before the last lift I had to focus, to reset my mind and to collect all my strength to not be left without a total. It was a good old grind, but it came up at last, and that in it self was a good victory. When you start thinking the consequences of not getting it up your mind plays tricks on you. So I am happy as a clam to have been able to pull 110 kg off the ground. Should have been an easy lift, but with the 125 kg WR lift a week a go in the body things got sticky. All in all a total of 255 kg and 2,5 kg PR since the last meet in February is plenty good enough at the moment. Now it is time to work towards the nationals in April.

This is the men I lift with in Bjørgvin SK, the club in my heart. Best support there is and always a good welcome when I come home to lift. If you would like to come and lift with us check out the webpage here all are welcome and remember, you don’t have to compete we welcome everyone that would like to lift amongst people who lift raw. With good coaches, many experienced lifters and good training facilities we welcome you.


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