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RM what a thrill!

A piece of history was written when I on february 12 took the podium in the Regional powerlifting championships in Bergen, Norway. With me I had the first WADA medical exception for oxygen therapy in competition, this milestone is truly the first baby steps towards a respiratory division in para-sports and shows that nothing is impossible. To represent my home club Bjørgvin SK and get to lift in the city in my heart what quite a thrill.


After a missed first squat at 85 kg, Jarle our team leader for the day and I mentally worked with the depth. The knee surgery is still fresh in the brain who seems to think that it is going to hurt, but there is no pain what so ever. Lift two and three left me at 90 kg, so no new PR, but I did my best.




Bench being my poorest lift of them all 50 kg flew up like paper, 52,5 kg was ok and the planned PR of 55 kg would not happen at all. There is always room for improvement and this lift is truly my Achilles heel.


The final lift is the mother of all lifts, the deadlift. My favorite lift and the one where I share the disabled strong woman world record set last year at 120 kg. As always in competition my first lift is always safe, 100 kg up like a feather, fast as could be. 105 kg and championship PR never felt better. When the final lift came and 110 kg and new powerlifting championship PR was a fact I could finally take in what went down this sunday.



As the first athlete under oxygen therapy in the world, as far as we know, I have qualified for a national championship in powerlifting for masters. To have smashed the weight and gone beyond what was needed did feel like a dream. Now it is time to prep for the national championships in April. Still have hard to believe that I did it, like my very good friend said: “your friends did not even think you would be alive this long, let alone do what you do”. It pretty much sums it up, impossible reads I am possible!



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