Featured athlete: Philippe Poncet


Introducing Philippe Poncet, the president of O2&Cie and extreme adaptive athlete. This athlete is not only making a change for himself, he and his organization is a voice that is being heard throughout France when it comes to lung disease and COPD in particular. He was the mind behind the first ever cycling division for people with O2 deficit or other lung diseases that was a part of the Lucien Aimar 2016. When we add that this race was under the French Cycling Federation and the International Cycling Union you can imagine the magnitude of this.

Philippe is known for having several projects going at the same time, quite the butterfly his secretary will tell you, but he has a passion for changing the world. In addition to his ever ongoing training he is making speeches for patients, for health officials and health care worker.

To climb the hills of Provence you need strong legs, furthermore Philippe needs 15 liters of oxygen pr minute to do what he does. His team not only rides with him, they also supply him new oxygen canisters when needed every 15 minutes or so. Him and his buddy rider has done several great things together. Philippe holds the current world speed record in velodrome for an athlete under oxygen therapy.

This year he is introducing with his organization a youtube channel with focus on lung disease to raise awareness and
make a difference for future patients, he is also organizing a team of athletes with lung disease to participate in a 24 hour relay cycling race and in addition the Lucien Aimar 2017. To top this his team is now pondering what will be the next step for the set up of the COPD World Team organization, Karen will be included in this organization.

Many projects to follow this year from Philippe and his team. Take a look at the Facebook page and be sure to show your support:  Philippe and his team



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