Outside the Box Fitness – Founded on passion and hard work

In April 2013, just before his 35th birthday, Kasey Meunier found himself in the same situation as so many others. He had little concern for his diet, and was in a sad shape. Losing some friends to health issues that could have been avoided, he decided it was time for a change.

He started training, and decided to post his workout journal online, together with some fitness motivation and healthy meal ideas. It became the start of a new career. People started asking him to train them, and Kasey realized his passion could be used to help others becoming his profession.

Mr Meunier started Outside The Box Fitness out of his own home. At the very beginning all he had was a pull up bar, 1 kettle bell, 1 barbell, and a few weight plates. But being a practical man he soon built an 8ft wall with muscle up and pull up bars. Soon he was doing open training in local parks, and for a while he got to use an empty lot through a friend. Trail runs were added, with 20ft rope climbs, z walls and more. A minor setback had them back in the house again, but in January 2017 Outside the Box Fitness could finally move into more suitable facilities. Having his wife by his side as the in-house massage therapist, they had made a 5-year plan come through in only 3 years.

Kasey Meunier is ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, and in August 2016 he also became a Spartan SGX Coach. However, his care for his clients and their motivation for being there is what he values as his best qualification.

Since he began his business, Mr Meunier has had multiple clients with health obstacles they needed to conquer. He has himself struggled with social anxiety for most of his life, and this experience enables him to identify with his clients, making them feel relaxed and comfortable at his gym.

Outside the Box Fitness offers training 1 on 1 or in small groups. Their specialty is obstacle course race training. With a variety of equipment and exercises, they offer workouts for everyone.
To keep his clients motivated, a board with post-it notes have been put up. One side is full of their fitness related goals, small or big. The other side containes their “Why’s”.

My goal is for allto have a goal and a “why” so that it triggers an emotional response in them to never give, never settle for less than they deserve. No matter who or what stands in their way.

Outside The Box Fitness is based in Wilmington, North Carolina. Should you happen to be in that area, check it out for yourself.


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