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We are proud to present Gina Triple G Hopkins, this amazing extreme adaptive athlete was diagnosed at the age of 10 with dystonia. This is a neurological disorder that can cause muscle spasms and the body to twist and distort itself. It is considered a rare disease and as other rare diseases it is rarely diagnosed, Gina considers herself lucky to have been diagnosed early in life. She tells that she is neither agile or fast, but that sure does not keep her from doing a vast array of different sports.

Gina is one of the most versatile extreme adaptive athletes out there, she is doing strong woman and several martial arts. She is not only a competing athlete, she is also paving the road for other adaptive athletes through her efforts building a community for adaptive martial arts. She is recognized all over the UK for her relentless work as a pioneer in the field. Gina is by no means letting her dystonia get the better of her, she is a sponsored athlete and have recently competed in Bristol where they for the first time also allowed women to compete for strongman.

Her sports is her physiotherapy, this is how she is able to live to the fullest and there should be no doubt that she is a force to be reckoned with for the future. Gina’s passion to make others aware and to make them able is like a shining light.  She is trained by a great coach in sports that are male dominated , she is breaking down barriers and leading the way.

She says: “ When I’m on the mats, I give it my all, it’s not just me I’m representing out there, it’s the people who believe in me and that’s my family, my gym and all the people who’ve pushed me to get this far and succeed, I want Gold, I’m training for it even harder than before, my weights, my philosophy, my new diet and exercise regime will all contribute and I will make sure it happens”

What is most amazing about Gina is that she has found a way to live and cope with dystonia by making it one of her advantages in sport. She had to get very fit for surgery when s
he was 16 and discovered martial arts and powerlifting, she also realized that her disease gave her an advantage in strength sports.



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    • Gina is one amazing woman!


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