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Arnold Classic here we come

Like in a dream I received the call telling me that I was invited to the very first Arnold Classic Disabled Strongman Championship. In just a week I will enter the stage along with some amazing strong men. To be given this honor of being the very first woman to compete is more than I can truly express in words. The road from starting rehabilitation to this point has been long and hard. To live a life of sport despite my disability is more than I ever dreamed of. It humbles me to know that what I do can inspire others to strive to reach their full potential.

I have pulled, I have pushed, I have challenged my own boundaries through strongman training. Many of my fears have had to be faced up front, there is no room for letting the weights scare me from succeeding. I don’t have count on all the hours I have spent lifting and pulling, pulling some more and lifting some more. Years of frustration due to my ever challenged body and compromised lungs have also brought some highs that make it all worth the fight.

I am very exited and quite frankly I will be starstruck as never before when hopefully meeting some of the legends of the sports of strongman. Traveling with me for this event is my husband, Torbjørn, the rock who always makes me focus when things are bumpy. To make sure everything is in place, to make sure medication and oxygen is just right it is vital to have some good assistance, specially when traveling this far for just a long weekend.

Thankfully the airlines are making everything easy when traveling with my Simplygo Mini concentrator. There is never any problems and the staff is very attentive towards my needs. Glutenfree food is served and I feel safe when I travel. The biggest hurdle for this trip will no doubt be the air in the convention centre. That we will have to figure out friday and saturday to tune it just right for the event.

The first woman competing in the disabled strongman at the Arnold Sports Festival. The very first athlete under oxygen therapy in the history of Arnold Sports festival to compete in any sports. So many firsts and such an honor to get this chance to pave the way a bit further.

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2 thoughts on “Arnold Classic here we come

  • Hi,
    I hope you had a good flight. My kolleg and I met you and your husband boarding your flight today. You are inspiring and a great person. Greetings from Germany

    • Hello both,
      thank you very much for the kind words. We had a wonderful safe flight with Lufthansa to the US. Enjoying Columbus, Ohio to the fullest.


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