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3 for all at the BMW Oslo Marathon 2017

Our annual meeting up with friends, family and patients in Oslo has grown from the very first start we had. We started up in 2013 and had at that time four runners, the year after we were five, then six and this year we were over 20! Our participants made 3 for all to an amazing experience and of all the events we do each year BMW Oslo Marathon and 3 for all is our favorite one.

For 2017 we have 30 places for patients and will also make entry for friends and family and others that want to come as well. We are working on making this race one of the highlights of the year for all involved. Please take contact with Karen  by email: if YOU would like to join us.

We will be selling t-shirts and caps at the benefit of the norwegian alpha-1 association, they will be available sometime in the early summer. Please follow the Alpha Warriors Facebook page to see when they are released:

This year we were on the top 10 team list, we are aiming for an even bigger team in 2017, set a mark in your calendar 15 september and join Alpha Warriors for an experience that will leave a lasting memory.





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