2019 – restart !

After a year in 2018 where we let ourselves get involved with too many things, focus is now finally back on what is closest to our heart. Team Alpha-1 Athlete and the purpose of the team!

We have redesigned our logo, now with two a’s, in a shape resembling two lungs. This was done as we wanted a simpler logo that would reflect better on what and who we are. The team is now registered in two countries, after Team Alpha-1 Athlete Global was registered in Germany. The Global team will as the name reflect take care of our global activities, whilst Team Alpha-1 Athlete Norway will take care of activities in Scandinavia.

Our activities for 2019 have already started, with one Celebrate Life done in 2019. Arnold Disabled Strongman will take place in a week, and we have a busy schedule ahead of us. More info to follow soon. Stay tuned.


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